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AI Writing: How AI Can Assist Students in Writing Content

Jul 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Jul 19, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

If you are a tech freak, you would be aware that not even a single day passes without some new inventions or innovations. Every passing day, the world is observing some new technological advancements. Two leading technologies deserve most of the credit for this technological revolution; information technology and artificial intelligence.

Almost everyone knows about information technology and its implications, but not many are aware of artificial intelligence helping people in every field and domain. It paced up the innovations. At first, it was only used in specific areas, but now, if you carefully observe, you will see AI everywhere. From medical to transportation, aviation, marketing to writing, it has revolutionized every industry quickly.

AI is a diversified topic, and it is almost impossible to discuss everything about AI in a single blog, research article, or even a book. That’s why this article will only focus on how AI writing can assist students in generating quality content for their academic assignments. Furthermore, it will also discuss how students can perfectly utilize this technology in their favor.

Let’s begin with the question that brought you to this article!

How Can AI Assist in Generating Quality Content for Students?

AI is making the life of students easier as it helps them in their academic assignments, passing with good grades, and improving their skillset. In addition, it provides them with quality content they cannot compile.

Now the question is, what is quality content? According to many experts, the quality of content can be defined by multiple elements, including relevancy, selection of words, accuracy, sentence structure, proper use of grammar, and uniqueness. If we analyze the content provided by the best AI writing tools, we will see that AI tools take care of all these things mentioned above.

Usually, people believe that relying on technology affects learning, but this is not the case with AI. It not only saves time and helps in creating quality content for students, but it also improves their writing style and understanding of multiple topics.

Below are a few exceptional benefits of using AI writing for assignments that can help you better understand AI and its uses!

Write Multiple Kinds of Assignments

As a student, you get multiple kinds of assignments during your academic career. For example, you may have to write your opinion on various topics related to your field or compile research articles and a thesis. All of these assignments have a different set of guidelines that you have to follow.

If you carefully analyze and understand the guidelines, you will be able to know how you can effectively use AI in creating assignments. One of AI writing tools’ most prominent benefits is allowing users to choose the tone, user case, and style. It doesn’t matter whether they are writing essays or research articles; AI can help in every kind of writing until it is purely based on statistics, graphs, or quantitative research. However, you can write abstracts, introductions, and conclusions using AI writing tools.

Help Students Who Don’t Have Command of Language

AI writing tools are a blessing for those students who don’t have any command of language. Usually, international students rely on AI as they lack vocabulary. AI writing assistants have offered them a way out of this issue. Now they can quickly write their assignments without thinking about grammar and vocabulary. These tools don’t make grammatical errors and have an abundance of vocabulary that improves the content. It can ultimately help you get better enough grades to pass out.

Some international students even purchase AI tools so they don’t have to worry about the language they barely understand. They also don’t need to put much work into reading research papers. Instead, they use the provided information, find the references and cite them to eliminate the assignments.

Avoid Plagiarism

Using AI is one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism, as many AI tools don’t plagiarize content. If you write an article using those AI tools, check them using a free plagiarism checker to ensure their uniqueness. AI can help you avoid plagiarism in two different ways. Here are they;

1.   With Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is one of the best ways to get rid of plagiarism. Usually, students copy and paste the content in their files, and then use the paraphrasing technique to remove plagiarism. Most of them try to do it manually, but some prefer using an online AI rewrite tool.

Using a reliable paraphrasing tool can make an assignment 100% unique. These tools rephrase the content without changing its context. They not only replace the words with their synonyms but also modify the phrases commonly used everywhere. After editing your assignment with a paraphraser, you will be amazed by the results when you check for plagiarism.

2.   Writing Whole Content from Scratch

Some AI writing tools can write text from scratch. All you need is to provide them with some commands in terms of words. Then, the AI assistants pick what you have provided and write the whole content themselves. These AI writing tools use GPT-3 technology that makes AI writing possible.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is the third generation of autoregressive language technology that depends on machine learning and deep learning to compile human-like text. Most AI writing tools use this technology to produce written content. They take the written input as a command and predict the most accurate results based on the input. When a student uses sentences, phrases, or words, it processes them and brings the best results in front of the screen. That’s how they quickly produce the content students are looking for.

No one can detect plagiarism in the content written by these AI tools. That’s why you don’t need to worry about plagiarism when you compile content using these tools.

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Improve Writing Styles

AI helps generate unique content and improves students’ writing styles. As a student, when you get content from the AI, you learn some new words that are new to you. Therefore, it can enhance your vocabulary. Besides that, these tools also help you understand the different ways to say a thing. You can quickly learn the language and improve your writing skills when you learn them.

Furthermore, AI writing also differentiates between multiple writing styles and tones. Therefore, you can easily analyze the key differences between every tone, after learning that, you can easily know which technique to use when writing a specific assignment.

However, there is a problem. Not many students use AI writing to polish their skills. Instead, they rely on AI to make their work easier and focus on other short-term goals. As a result, AI doesn’t improve their skills. So, if someone says AI didn’t help them learn anything, ask them whether they have analyzed the AI content carefully. You will soon understand they didn’t use AI for that purpose.

Here comes another important question!

How to Accurately Use AI Writing?

Most bloggers, students, and content marketers are satisfied with the results of AI writing. However, many believe that AI doesn’t offer any benefits. They are right. But the problem is not on technology’s end. Many people don’t know how to use them properly. Some people think AI should provide them with whatever is in their minds. But AI doesn’t work this way. As a student or marketer, you should tell AI with your input whatever you want. If you are also not getting satisfactory results, here are some tips.

Learn How to Use Them

Using AI writing tools isn’t difficult for anyone. Still, some people face difficulties in it. You need to know one thing! It is almost impossible to get your desired results when your input isn’t correct. AI cannot read what’s in your mind; they always bring results based on the data you provide. So, it can help if you learn how to use them accurately. They offer multiple cases, so it is better to check them and select the one that perfectly matches your requirements. After that, provide the input against whom you want to output.

Always Proofread Content

AI writing assistants are not always suitable. Sometimes they make some factual mistakes that you cannot overlook. It is better to read the whole text before submission. It can help you know where the AI writing lacks and what you should do in the future to avoid those mistakes. Proofreading can also brush up on the content, and you will get much better results than you can imagine. When you don’t proofread and submit the content, your supervisors or professors can guess that you have gotten some help from the AI tools.

Final Words

Academic writing is among the most challenging types of writing for everyone until they are experienced. Every student needs to strive hard on the quality of content they deliver in assignments, as their grades depend on it. If you are working on content in a non-native language, relying on an AI writing assistant would be better.

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There are numerous benefits of AI writing, but it’s not perfect. The possibility of you not being able to distinguish a computer-written essay from one written by a human is very real, especially if you just look at the essays on their own. This is why we’ve teamed up with experienced writers to ensure the quality of our papers. There’s no need to worry about plagiarism either, we check every paper for originality and uniqueness with the aid of our anti-plagiarism software. Since there are plenty of active writers on our platform, we also ensure that each writer is engaged and writes original content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI writing free?

You might be wondering, “Is AI writing free?” The answer is no. AI writing is a paid service that requires your input and feedback in order to produce quality content.

What is the best AI writing?

The best AI writing software is one that can be used for various purposes. It should be easy to use, and it should also provide the user with a wide range of options when it comes to creating content.
Best AI writers are those who can write on demand or in response to specific requests from customers, such as writing blog posts or article pitches.
The best AI writing tool is one that allows users access to all types of written material (articles, ebooks).

Can AI write a story?

AI can write a story, but it’s not quite ready for publication.
AI has been trained to produce text that is grammatically correct and looks like human writing. It’s also trained to generate stories from data sets that were collected previously by humans. This means that AI is capable of generating content based on existing information (and sometimes even original ideas).

How does AI writing software work?

AI writing software uses a neural network to learn from existing texts.
The AI writing software is trained using a dataset of samples of text that have been previously written by humans. It then produces new texts based on the same principles and rules that humans use when they write, but with the added benefit of being able to produce more content than humans can produce (because it’s trying to do so in less time). This means that your AI-generated content will be more accurate than if you were just manually doing this task yourself!

How good are AI Writers?

AI writers are not as good as human writers. They’re getting better, but they’re not quite there yet. The reason for this is that the AI needs more data to train on before it can write something intelligible and grammatically correct.
AI writers are improving at a rapid pace, though: The first generation of AIs only had access to Wikipedia; this second generation has been given access to millions of articles from other sources (such as news articles).

Are there free AI Writers?

Although it may be tempting to think that there is no such thing as a free lunch, you’ll find that there are some AI writers who offer their services for free. However, they aren’t quite as good at writing content as paid writers or AI software.

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