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How Can an AI Paraphrasing Tool Help You in Content Writing?

Jun 7, 2023 | 0 comments

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Jun 7, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Writers have tight deadlines and huge workloads to deal with; that’s no secret. But how do they deal with it? Inflation is on the rise worldwide, so taking time off from work to de-stress is not an option (unless you are loaded with cash).

The answer is writing-assisting tools.

These tools help writers create content more efficiently and considerably decrease their workload. They also help them save a lot of time. Hence, meeting deadlines is easier as well.

There are different types of writing-assisting tools that you can use, but today we are just going to be looking at AI paraphrasing tools.

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What is an AI Paraphrasing Tool?

An AI-based paraphrasing tool can basically take some text as input and rewrite it differently without changing its meaning. The act of rewriting text using different words and phrases is called paraphrasing.

AI-based paraphrasing tools are better than standard paraphrasers because they are designed to write in a human-like way. They use machine learning models such as GPT-3, which allows them to write in such a way.

AI-based paraphrasers come in different varieties. Some offer multiple modes, and others provide multiple variations of the text. They are really useful to writers for different reasons. Later in this article, we will look at some ways paraphrasers can help with content writing.


How to do Paraphrasing Tools Help in Content Writing?


Teach Better Articulation

In content writing, the entire point is to convey your message to your reader. Unfortunately, that is not always possible for a human writer. They may be too tired to think, or they may not have enough knowledge about the topic to explain it well.

In such cases, writers tend to ramble on and write some confusing stuff. However, if they run that stuff through a paraphrasing tool, the tool can rephrase all the fluff, and the result is a much clearer text. Reading that can give the writers a better idea of what to say.

Paraphrasers rewrite stuff by replacing different words and phrases and even changing the sentence structure. They can rephrase articles while improving their delivery. This is a great benefit to writers because they can improve their writing by observing the paraphraser.

All in all, paraphrasing tools can improve your write-up, and content writers can learn how to write in that improved manner. Ultimately, writers can improve their content writing capabilities.


Increase a Writer’s Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the writer’s weapon. Without a large vocabulary, writers can’t create good content. Writers with limited vocabulary tend to repeat themselves quite often, resulting in repetitive and redundant content.

Apart from what a limited vocabulary can do for the quality of the text, it can also increase the chances of self-plagiarism. And plagiarism, as we know, is not tolerated at all.

This issue can be rectified by using AI-based paraphrasers. Since paraphrasers rewrite text using different words and phrases, they can teach a writer new vocabulary. Seeing how a single message can be delivered multiple ways is a great learning experience.

Writers can use paraphrasers to “artificially” increase their vocabulary, but in the process, they also learn the new words and phrases themselves. Eventually, their vocabulary becomes really robust as well.

Naturally, this means that the content they write is more colorful and interesting to read.


Increases Readability of Content

By far the most important advantage of paraphrasers is that they can increase the readability of the text. Quite a lot of paraphrasers available online come with multiple rewriting modes. And, as it turns out, there is usually a mode for increasing readability.

These readability-increasing modes replace words and phrases with their simpler variants. They also change the sentence structure and order to make the text easier to read. Some tools can even change the tone as well.

Here’s an example of how an AI paraphraser can reduce the complexity of a sentence:

Original TextParaphrased & Simpler Version
The intricacy of the interlocution in the memorandum culminated in a hysterical situation, which further degenerated into an office fight. The workers in the office started wailing and clawing at each other.The complication of the memorandum conversation led to a hysterical situation, which worsened into an office fight. Office employees began crying and scratching at each other.

As you can see in the above example, the AI paraphraser tool that we used worked to simplify the text, something which it succeeded in doing to a considerable extent.

The word ‘intricacy’ was changed with a much simpler synonym, i.e., ‘complication’. Similarly, the word ‘interlocution’ was changed to ‘conversation’, and ‘culminated’ was replaced by ‘worsened.’

And not only were the words replaced with their simpler synonyms, but the phrases were also altered to sound simpler. For example, ‘interlocution in the memorandum’ was changed to just ‘the memorandum conversation.’

In content writing, the uncomplicated and simply-written text has an advantage when ranking high. That is because more people can engage with it due to its reduced difficulty. This directly increases the dwell time, which is a ranking factor.

If you want to improve your content and make it more readable, rephrase online using an AI-based paraphrase.


Removes Repetition from the Content

Earlier in this article, it was mentioned that a small vocabulary can cause repetition in the content. However, apart from a limited vocabulary, repetition can occur for other reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for repetition in content writing is the incessant use of crutch words/phrases and bucket brigades. Crutch words/phrases are expressions that a writer has a penchant for using. However, this results in repetition if a writer relies on them too much.

Bucket brigades, on the other hand, are words and phrases used to connect sentences that are not directly related. Bucket brigades are pretty useful tools as they save writers time and thinking power. However, writers can and do rely too much on them, and this causes repetition.

Repetition is bad for content writing because people get discouraged by reading the same words too many times. It reduces the dwell time and hampers lead conversion. But, with an AI paraphraser, this repetition can be removed.

Here’s an example: (This particular writer has the disease of using ‘figured out’ too much in their content.)

Original TextParaphrased Text (With Repetition Removed)
John figured out the answer to the question. Once he figured out the answer, he also learned how to give it to the teacher. But the teacher had already figured out that John had figured out the answer.John discovered the answer to the question. After figuring out the answer, he worked out how to provide the solution to the teacher. But the teacher had already deduced that John had discovered the solution.

See what happened here?

Since paraphrasers rewrite everything using different words, the repetitive words and phrases are replaced with synonyms. This makes the text less monotonous and more interesting to read.


Avoiding Accidental Plagiarism

In content writing, plagiarism is unacceptable. It is essentially a crime and is a very unethical act that no decent human being should do. Plagiarism can be easily detected,, and search engines punish websites with plagiarized content by lowering their rank lower…or delisting them.

Unfortunately, there is a type of plagiarism called accidental plagiarism. It can occur in anybody’s writing for quite a few reasons. And it has the same repercussions as deliberate plagiarism.

AI paraphrasers are really good at helping writers remove accidental plagiarism from their content. You can use other dedicated tools to detect plagiarism and then use the paraphraser to rewrite it.

This is the least taxing way of removing accidental duplication. It saves the writer a lot of time and effort that they would have to otherwise expend doing it manually. And obviously, it really helps the content to rank high because unique content is also a ranking factor.


Better Tone and Delivery

In content writing, tone and delivery are very important. If your content’s style is off-putting or the delivery is not correct, it can turn away your readers. That is bad for content writing, as the entire point is to increase reader engagement.

It is important to match the tone with the kind of content you are writing and the kind of people who will be reading that content. What that means is that if you are writing a guide, your tone will be instructional. If you are writing an informational article, your tone would be conversational.

If your audience includes young people, the tone would be casual, but if the audience includes older people, then the tone would be more formal.

In the same way, delivery is important. Without proper delivery, your readers will get confused. Some AI paraphrasers can improve the delivery of your content. They change the sentence structure of confusing sentences and replace their words and phrases with simpler ones.


Some Recommended AI Paraphrasing Tools

We have discussed how AI paraphrasing tools are really useful and what their benefits are. But searching for good tools on your own can be a little bit difficult. So, here are a few recommended AI-based paraphrasing tools that you can use.



Paraphraser.io is an online toolkit that provides various writing assisting tools. However, its main tool is its AI-based paraphrasing tool which shares its name with the name of the website.

How Can an AI Paraphrasing Tool Help You in Content Writing? 1

This tool is free to use and does not require registration. You can start using it just by visiting the webpage. It comes with four paraphrasing modes, but only two of them are available for free. The free modes are called:

  • The Standard mode
  • The Fluency mode

Standard mode replaces words with their synonyms using the synonym exchange technique. It is a pretty good mode for removing repetition from content.

The Fluency mode, on the other hand, is used to increase the readability of the text. All the changes it makes in the text are aimed at making it simpler to read.

The tool has a word limit of 500 words, so you have to only rewrite parts that are confusing or have plagiarism in them.



The paraphraser by Linguix.com is a great tool. While it does not provide the user with multiple modes for paraphrasing, it does provide different suggestions for rephrasing each sentence.

This is technically the same thing. It’s just that the decision has been relegated to the user instead of the tool. To use Linguix properly, users need to create an account, because most of its features are locked behind a free account.

How Can an AI Paraphrasing Tool Help You in Content Writing? 2

To use the tool, a user needs to:

  • Create a new document in the Linguix interface.
  • Type or paste their content into the interface.
  • Select the parts that they want to rephrase.
  • Click on the Linguix icon that shows up after selection.
  • Choose one of the suggested rephrased sentences from the drop-down menu.

The document can be downloaded or you can simply copy the paraphrased contents. The good thing about this tool is that is quite useful for learning since the user is much more involved in the process of rephrasing. And since the user can choose which variation of the paraphrased sentences to apply, the output can be personalized to some extent.

The best thing about Linguix is that it has no word limits and you can rewrite large documents without an issue. The only gripe someone might have is the lack of automation because manually selecting the paraphrased version of each sentence does take more time.



The paraphraser by Edubirdie.com works in a similar manner as Linguix. The tool is fully automated but users still have the option to edit the output. Here are the steps that you have to follow to use this tool:

  • Write/paste your content into the text box.
  • Click the “Paraphrase” button.
  • Click on any replaced words you would like to change
  • Choose the replacement from a list of synonyms

So, as you can see, the output is editable. However, not all the text can be changed. Only the words highlighted in blue can be changed.

So, it is kind of like the best of both worlds. Writers get an automated paraphraser, and they can edit the results if they don’t like it.

How Can an AI Paraphrasing Tool Help You in Content Writing? 3

There aren’t specific modes, but users can expect the tool to improve their content’s delivery, and tone and make it easier to read. If someone is having problems trying to increase the reader engagement with their content, they can definitely try this tool.



So, there you have it. Those were some ways in which AI paraphrasers help to improve content writing.

In this article, we learned what AI paraphrasers basically are. They are tools that can intelligently rewrite text to make it unique and easier to read. They can change the text in various ways for different purposes.

We looked at the ways in which AI paraphrasers can improve content writing. They can teach writers to improve their articulation, tone, and delivery, and increase their vocabulary. AI paraphrasers can also increase the readability of content and remove repetition from it.

Finally, we checked out a few paraphrasers that users can use to improve their content writing.

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