How to Write an Argumentative Essay-Examples, Topics, Outline

How To Write Argumentative Essays with Examples

Argumentative Essay

You are debating with your friend over the medicinal use of marijuana.

You believe that it should not be used anywhere even medicines worldwide as it may lead to many problems.

Your friend believes that there are situations where marijuana can serve as the best medicine.

Now to prove your point both of you are ready to write argumentative papers on the topic.

But before writing anything you need to know a few things:

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a persuasive way used to find a solution for convincing someone with an opinion or idea.

It is applied based on well-researched facts and evidence to increase the convincing power of the argument.

Although the writing process of a regular essay might be tedious, an argumentative essay is even more taunting.

This argumentative essay is created under the writer’s opinion or idea which is used to convince anyone with opposing viewpoints.

However, it’s not as easy as you may think just like creating some statements does not help in cutting the mustard.

An argumentative essay shows the importance of possessing some major components which increase the power of the convincing.

Argumentative essays require a student to use strong arguments to support their point of view, and even create arguments to refute opposing views.

It is important to note that you need to use credible evidence to back up your arguments.

Therefore, you have to dedicate ample time towards research and gathering data and information.

Combine hard evidence with persuasive language, and you will come up with an excellent argumentative essay.

How To Write The Argumentative Essay

Unlike a regular essay, this type of essay requires a particular structure. The chosen topic for the article should be eye-catching to attract a good number of readers.

After deciding on the subject, it’s time to come with an argument based on the same. In the argument part, it requires strong statements for your idea to be convincing.

This is essay part needs a lot of creativity because it works along with the readers’ thoughts.

Remember that personal experience will not help in strengthening your argumentative essay.

Besides, with a good content source like scientific studies and government resources will be appreciated by any reader even when he or she is on the opposition side.

It is also vital to ensure that you are using data that is relevant to the essay topic.

Supporting The Viewpoint Of The Opposition

It’s good to consider that each topic has a different point of view and having the ability to disapprove the viewpoint of your opposition ignites the success of an argumentative essay.

With a few examples of an argumentative essay, this issue can be demonstrated easily.

A top quality example presents a topic backing them with a set of strong evidence. It is the strength of your evidence that decides the fate of your claim.

Objecting The Opponents Viewpoint

An opponent may not be happy with the refuting; however, if the essay contains four or three strong evidence to support the ideas.

The opposition views should be acknowledged although the refuting process has to feature things like facts, logic, quotes, and several statistics.

The presence of many pieces of evidence and statistics increases the strength of an essay. This is the section where much work and intensive research is needed to get enough facts and proofs.

But also a creative process of thoughts is required to lessen the research work and also to find any loopholes in the views of the opposition.

In most cases, the opposition views come in the third or second paragraphs in an argumentative essay.

The same content can also be used at the end, in the first paragraph or even in the body.

However, the references to the source must be included in the section for double checking of the evidence.


A conclusion comes at the end of the excellent task, and this conclusion is included in the best argumentative essay examples.

The judgment contains a summary of the main points and all the supportive evidence.

To be precise, it’s a summary of the full argumentative essay. The abstract should reflect an emphasis on the topic before concluding your essay.

This section is recommended to be maintained within a few paragraphs to avoid annoying readers.

An argumentative essay example shows that its success is determined by the convincing power of the statements to make readers adopt your opinions.

A professional and calm approach to writing the essay helps the writer in obtaining facts and evidences for backing up the claims.

In the end, this results in excellent results.


When an essay has been dusted and done, you should not adopt the philosophy of ‘shut it and forget it.’

It’s recommended to go through the piece polishing it and checking any errors including necessary spelling and grammatical mistakes.

This refines the essay further providing an excellent template for future use.

Argumentative Essay vs Persuasive Essay

Generally people cannot differentiate between these two types and take them as the same, but there is a clear difference between these two.

Both of these essays serve the purpose of proving your point of view but both are distinctively different in their method of proving from each other.

Persuasive essays use emotional aspect and moral reasoning to influence the readers’ point of view while the arguments put forward in an argumentative essay are based on factual information and logical reasoning.

In the discussion of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, the writer should be able to differentiate between these two types.

For an argumentative essay it is important to disregard the emotional aspects like religious point of view and ethics.

You can discuss and focus on these in a persuasive essay but for argumentative essays focus on the one dimensional logical reasoning.

Sample Topics for Argumentative Essays

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

  1. Is animal testing necessary for our life on this earth?
  2. Should death penalty be made a law for serious crimes?
  3. Should immigrants be given more rights?
  4. Is college so much important to make a good society?
  5. What should be done for the elimination of bias from the journalists’ work?

Format of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is just like most of the traditional written assignments.

It starts with an introduction just like any essay then body paragraphs, the number of which depends upon the topic and the length of the assignment, and a conclusion at the end.

This is the basic structure with every part playing its specific role.


The introduction of an argumentative essay is similar to that of the persuasive essay.

Hook statement:

The hook statement hooks the reader to read the entire essay till the last sentence.

It arrests the interest of the reader in an interesting way.

This may be in the form of any interesting statement, a shocking and revealing fact or a rhetorical question.

Thus it serves the purpose of grabbing the readers’ attention and interest.

    • Example: Can we say that ONE individual has more rights over the other?

This will definitely stir the reader’s mind and make him think about what you said.

It will also hook your reader along to the end thinking where and how you will lead from this point.

Introduction: After you have initially grabbed the attention of your reader, now try to use facts or any points that might be important to talk about your thesis.

The introduction is important to give the reader some detail about the argument put forward.

The background information that you give to the reader must be relevant to the topic.

The thesis statement comes at the end of the introductory paragraph which is basically the heart of any essay. Whatever you write in your essay is written to support your thesis statement.

And how will you exactly create the thesis statement?  You need to just follow a few basic and simple guidelines:

  • Always phrase your thesis as a factual statement rather than an uncertain idea or a question.
  • Your thesis should be a definitive statement. It should be properly analyzed and researched by the writer and then used to prove something using supporting material.
  • This should be an original and unique thought and not an obvious and simple statement. It should not have been much researched. If it is an obvious fact then your essay will not be an impressive one and you will not be able to hook your reader as your whole essay will be written around it. So, it needs to be a fresh and unique thesis. In short it should not be an issue, question or statement that can be explained or answered in one sentence.

Body of an Argumentative Essay

The number of paragraphs depends upon the length of your essay.

This number varies with the kind of topic you are writing on.

If your thesis statement talks about something that can be explained and thus proved in a few points then the length of your essay will be short.

On the other hand if your thesis statement is a unique one that requires more analysis and research and you need much information to put into your essay then the length of your essay will increase with this, thus increasing its length.

Now let us see the different segments of every paragraph.98uyfdrc

Topic Sentence: Topic sentence introduces the reader to what your main topic of discussion will be.

It should not explain anything but should serve the purpose of stirring the mind of the reader and pulling him towards reading your essay further.

Therefore it should be just one coherent sentence that is complete in itself and makes your idea clear and comprehensible.

Example: The death penalty is an efficient and economical way of getting rid of those humans who are a serious threat to the society.

In argumentative essays you have to be straight forward and cold blooded.

Sounds harsh right?  You need to get used to it.

For argumentative essays you have to disregard emotions and come up with harsh but real facts!

  • Analyzing the Argument: Here you need to answer the reader why do you say what you have said in your argument for this you need to briefly explain your main argument. Now you need to prove the authenticity of your point to the reader. The length of this part will depend upon the amount of information you want to use to support it.
    • Example: The incarceration per inmate in the US is $31,286 per annum. Knowing the fact that this individual caused much financial damage without contributing towards the betterment of society, he is definitely a serious threat to the society and therefore should be given the death penalty!

Statements so harsh and morally offensive are all that make up all argumentative essays.

For these essays you will have to take one side or the other and support your arguments and prove them with facts.

Supporting Evidence:   An analysis would be incomplete without the supporting evidence required to prove its authenticity.

This sentence will support your main argument with some real Evidence for your thesis statement.

Providing evidence will strengthen your argument.

    • Example: Generally a government spends a big amount of money on an incarcerated prisoner per year! What purpose is left behind of this when the individual is living a futile life without giving any benefit to the society but just damaging it!

The above statement gives a logical reason and supports the idea stated in the thesis statement proving its authenticity.

  • Using counterargument to counterargument: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly every argument will have a counter argument, and one should be able to identify and recognise it without which your argument will lose its weight. Therefore in an argumentative essay you need to identify and present the counter argument as well as validate your argument showing that your stance holds more weight!
    • Example: It is arguable that humans should be given second chances as the probability of the success of this second chance is much less than the economic burden on the nation. Thus it would be quite risky to take such a chance and would prolong the economic suffering of the nation!

Here you would have seen that a common counter-argument that any layman can definitely consider has been presented and then using logical reasoning this argument has been denied proving that my stance holds more weight!

  • Concluding statement:

When you think you have provided enough explanation and evidence and hence proved your point and defeated the opposite side, you need to wrap up your discussion with a satisfying statement.

You do not need to write a sentence with something new in it but just reconfirm the proven points.

Your tone in the sentence should be an assertive one.

Example: In other words, it seems an overall ridiculous decision at the cost of a nation’s economy to keep a fellow human alive who is a continuous threat to the society!

It should be as short and to the point as possible!

These were the parts of each paragraph of an essay. Now come to the last paragraph that is conclusion.


This comprises the last part of the essay, which restates the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and concludes the overall essay.

Now let’s break down the concluding paragraph into its constituent parts!

  • Restatement of Thesis: The title is self-explanatory as you will only need to rephrase your thesis statement. It shouldn’t include any new information.
    • Example: Thanks to the ruling government, it can now limit its economic losses which have been caused by individuals to the nation in terms of wealth as well as health!
  • Restatement of Key Points: Remember the key ideas included in your body paragraphs with which you proved your thesis? Now it is time to pick them up again and rephrase them for further assertion.
  • Overall Concluding Statement: Here you need to make a statement that not only sums up your essay by restating the thesis statement but also validates it by peeping into the future with repercussions if the thought is not given due consideration. This would give a strong appeal to your essay.

Example: Keeping in view the financial situation of our nation we should struggle hard to keep it above water.

I would say that we are going to impact the nation’s capital health and prolong the disease of inhumane activities if we got rid of the death penalty.

General Tips on Argumentative Essays

  • Reason not Emotion: for an argumentative essay, we must remember that we are supposed to direct our points towards rational reasoning. Who cares for the emotions here!
  • Remember Counterarguments: Most of the writers forget to include counterarguments. This will surely harm their rate of success. A well supported argument without a considered counterargument is half as strong as it should be. Therefore always remember to explain why your stance carries more weight!
  • Get peer help: Your ideas or points will always make sense to you after all they are your ideas. But have you ever wondered whether they also make sense to your reader. Peer editing is a very useful technique to validate the logic behind your arguments and tell you how much your readers are going to understand your ideas!

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Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative Essay Outline To Help You With Your Writing (2019)

An outline, to an essay, is what a plan is to a building.

If you were to build a house without a plan, you are likely going to run into numerous problems, and the final product will not be as good as expected.

If a good plan minimizes the risk of errors and getting stuck, why not create it?

Students start writing essays without an outline mostly because they do not appreciate the advantages of an outline.

And, even some of those who do know its benefits do not know how to come up with an outline.

With that in mind, we have come with the following guide on how to create an argumentative essay outline.

Argumentative Essay Outline Format

Your outline should follow the following format:


The introduction is one paragraph that should introduce the reader to your topic and your point of view.

Consider the following tips when writing the introduction:

  1. Begin your introduction with a hook. The first statement should grab the attention of the reader. For an argumentative essay, a hook can be a controversial statement, a less known fact, a piece of statistical data, or an intriguing question.
  2. Explain the importance of the topic. What is the importance of talking about that topic?
  3. Explain why you are talking about the subject and let the reader know your point of view.
  4. Present your thesis statement. Clearly, state the argument or claim you will support in the body of your essay.

Main body

Several paragraphs that provide arguments to support your main argument.

Each supporting argument should be on its paragraph.

You could start with the arguments supporting your claim, then finish with sections refuting the opposing views.

Or, you could start with a paragraph that refutes the main opposing view, then continue to support your claim in the paragraphs that follow.


The conclusion is a paragraph that sums up your main points and your argument.

In this section, remind your readers of the importance of the topic, restate your thesis, and relate it to your supporting arguments.

Readers mostly remember the ending of any piece.

Therefore, it is important that you create a strong conclusion that will stick in the readers’ minds for long.

You can create a memorable conclusion by ending it with a rhetorical question, a statement that inspires the reader to conduct further research or a call to action.

Argumentative Essay Outline Template

  • Introduction
  • Hook: Begin with an anecdote, a piece of statistic, an intriguing question, or a controversial statement.
  • Explain why the topic is important and why people should care.
  • State your thesis: What is your point of view? (Also, you could briefly state the arguments you will use to back up your claim).
  • Body
  • Argument #1: State your argument by crafting it to a topic statement. Use an in-citation from one of your sources to support it. Mention different points to support the argument.
  • Argument #2: State your argument by crafting it to a topic statement. Use an in-citation from one of your sources to support it. Mention different points to support the argument.
  • Argument #3: State your argument by crafting it to a topic statement. Use an in-citation from one of your sources to support it. Mention different points to support the argument.

NB: You could show how your arguments refute a related opposing view in each paragraph or in a separate section.

  • Conclusion
  • Restate your thesis
  • Sum up your arguments
  • Conclude by asking a rhetorical question based on your argument or by asking your readers to do something about the topic of discussion.

Copy the template above and use it each time you are preparing to write an argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Outline Example

Now, let us put the information above into perspective.

The following is an outline prepared by one of our writers, who was preparing to write an argumentative essay titled: Isn’t illegalizing abortion violating women’s rights?

  • Introduction
  • Hook: Mention statistical data on the prevalence of abortion.
  • Explain why there is divided opinion on the topic of abortion. Highlight the reasons why a woman might opt for abortion and why some people are against the practice.
  • State your thesis: There are concrete reasons why abortion was legalized in the first place: amending the constitution to illegalize abortion is a disregard of women’s rights and will definitely cost some women important opportunities.
  • Body
  • Argument #1: Women have a right to their own bodies. Support this argument using different points drawn from your sources.
  • Argument #2: Illegalizing it will increase abortion-related fatalities, as people will still seek abortion services. Support this argument using different points drawn from your sources.
  • Argument #3: It is not fair for a mistake to shape the rest of a woman’s life. You could support such an argument by referring to cases of rape and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Conclusion
  • Restate your thesis: Abortion should remain a choice if we are to term ourselves a progressive generation.
  • Sum up your arguments
  • Conclude by asking a rhetorical question based on your argument or by asking your readers to do something about the topic of discussion. For instance: Why are politician diverting their attention from the war on terror to start a war on ovaries?


We have not only shown you how to create an argumentative essay outline, but also provided you with an outline template, and demonstrated how to use the template.

So, basically, you have all you need to research and start writing your argumentative essay.

Remember to copy and save the outline template above, or bookmark this page for future reference.


When providing an extensive explanation of writing argumentative essays, it is best to offer examples to give an in-depth understanding of an argumentative essay.

‘Is much money being paid to the CEOs?’ and ‘Have people become too much dependent on mobile phones? These are the two topics chosen for argumentative essay examples.

Let’s have a look at each argumentative essay example.


Are CEOs Receiving Too Much Salary?

After the 2008 financial crisis, the world had made the CEOs the talking point. They have played many roles in the financial crisis because their wage packets are very high.

The media was alerted by the amount of money received by top people most organizations. Even now there is a belief that CEOs get paid much salary than they are worth.

Too much pay or not?

Three working days is what a top working CEO requires to make the median salary of around £30,000 which is equivalent to that of an employee in the United Kingdom.

And therefore, based on the data released in 2016, the CEO working in an FTSE 100 company receives a salary ratio that is 120 times more than that of an employee.

The median salary of a CEO sat around £3.45 million in 2015 which now has a significant increment of £4 million.

Sir Martin Sorrel, the founder of WPP Plc, is the topmost paid CEO in 2017 in the UK receiving £70 million wages.

According to research carried out by Stanford Graduate School of Business, they stated that 74% of the people in America believed that the CEOs were excessively paid.

Although there is a widely spread consensus that a CEO, being the head of an organization should receive much than the employees in a factory, the pay scale has received much attention.

Besides, the pay gap has increased within the last three decades because back then the CEOs only received 40 times the salary an average employee used to earn.

The Undeviating Direct Influence

A CEO influences the company’s productivity directly on the stock market. This may have both a positive and negative impact.

The death of Steve Jobs resulted in Apple Company losing 5% in the market stock value while the Microsoft Company gained an 8% profit after the step down of Steve Ballmer.

Besides, the trajectory and expectation of an organization depend entirely on the CEO’s vision because he or she is the person in charge.

There are CEO’s who are well-paid, but they are deciding to resign their jobs as a result of bad press. One of the famous case examples is that of Take Dame Glynis Breakwell who stepped down from Bath University as a result of media frenzy.

Bath University was growing well in all rankings during her time; hence it was money that was well spent although she was receiving a salary of around £500,000 annually she still resigned.

Most of the traders and analysts of the stock market are agreeing that CEOs have a direct impact on an organizations growth.

However, this may not have much effect on a short term period, but the vision of the CEO has a long term impact on the company.

Having so much company responsibilities on their shoulders, using a few million to pay off their hard work will not seem costly to them.

The things that need to be done

The excessive remuneration of CEOs has become discontent source amongst employees although their impact is quite intensive.

Since the 2008 financial crisis globally, this discontent is being felt widely. Just after the financial crisis, the salaries of the CEOs had taken a significant hit, but after a few years, the wages took back the journey towards the North.

Still, with the knowledge of the CEO’s influence in a company, the widespread consensus requires their salaries to drop to a reasonable range limit.

Although setting wage limits is not possible, but its performance orientation can be increased than it used to be.

With the remuneration being based on the outcomes will be a good starting point.

If substantial shreds of evidence are provided, it will be a great barometer that can be used to decide on the salary limit of CEO.

A misconception has been widely spread on the package salary stated for a CEO.

Sundar Pichai, being one of the worlds leading CEO receives a salary packet of less than $200 million annually.

The direct salary the ALPHABET CEO is receiving is $650,000, although this is sounding absurd to many.

Stock options resulting from the remaining compensation chunk, have several built-in clauses.

The compensation has attained a more modest look abruptly. This is often the great truth about the CEO’s pay.


There is inequality pay between the basement-level employees and the high ranked officials in an organization.

Although they all work on the progress of the company, this significant disparity among the employees may cause potential bad vibes and grudges.

More CEOs accepting lower salaries can come forward.


Have people become too much dependent on mobile phones?

In this modern society, mobile phones are a must-have asset. Other than regular conversations, they are a central application for a variety of aspects.

In the last decade, mobile phones have integrated more even after being invented to connect people while on the move.

Watching videos, listening to music and other things may not be possible. Mobile phones have started to occupy more prominent roles in people’s lives to the point of addiction which is currently a new part of life.

Overwhelming reasons for the popularity

The main reason for the rapid mobile phones growth has been narrowed down to them having changed the mode of communications perceived by humans.

These devices have made the world a small place since they permit communication rapidly.

Rather than the vocal communication used several decades ago, it may not be possible to send videos, pictures, and location using mobile phones.

They are crucially flexible with something for everyone in this department. These godsend mobile devices resolve Long-distant relationships.

Also, they have as well established business performance even when there is a large mass of earth separating them.

The mobile device is now an emergency device for safety as revealed by statistical data showing that mobile devices of Americans are used to make 74% of distress calls.

Has The Dependency Rate Increased?

Mobile phones have been embraced by modern society at a cost but in a big way. The essence socialism of today is translated into a tiny handheld device.

These devices are now multifaceted which has increased the mobile devices dependence level including small actions such as checking the time of the day.

The addiction to mobile phones is now a big problem, and even when there is no communication, people are still glued to mobile phones.

Any time during the day, the mobile phone is now the hubs that provide entertainment. Variety medium has been used by most creators of content to install entertainment games and applications into these mobile devices

The negative impact of excess usage of mobile phones

The risk analysis of our daily lives caused by mobile phones was done a few years back by ‘The World Unplugged Project.’

To confirm, the longest time a person can survive without a mobile phone, an experiment was carried out which ended badly.

Mobile phones were kept away from the participants for 24 hours whereby some of the displayed physical problems while others showed plenty of psychological symptoms.

Mobile devices have a huge impact that can be summed with the behaviors like checking mobile phone for new messages and also when there is nothing available.

People continuously think about receiving new contents on their mobile phone which is having an influence on society badly.


Even though mobile phones are making our life convenient, it is also coming with plenty of other health problems.

Mobile devices are superficially appearing to enhance life’s quality, but on the other hand, they are continuously consuming the whole society.

Although it’s not possible or feasible to remove mobile phones in our life, each person should see the weight of the problems resting in their pockets.

They are a source of depression, loneliness, stressfulness, frustrations, nervousness, irritability, and anxiousness which is spreading around us.

Therefore, it is crucial to limit the usage of mobile phones.


It’s not confusing to write argumentative essays. You will easily be able to convince readers to support your viewpoint as long as you key all the elements in the essay.

To convince of the two options your viewpoint is the stronger viewpoint; it is essential to have credible sources.

To make your viewpoint stronger than that of the opposing side, you should provide factual evidence to be able to refute the opposition.

We are suggesting you check out our examples of argumentative essays as you also check out our different topics because they will help you in writing quality work.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay in 2019

How to Write a Persuasive Essay in 2019

Persuasive Essay

You may be required to write different types of academic essays such as a persuasive essay throughout your high school and college term.

The type of essay you may be required to write depends on the purpose of writing that essay.

A large number of students do not know the proper format or structure of an essay.

You might wonder what a persuasive essay is.

As the name suggests it means to persuade or influence someone.

Thus a persuasive paper is the one in which you bring the reader towards your point of view using your opinions and emotions supported by some facts.

As for all writings there are certain norms and conventions but if you want to know how to write a persuasive essay then it’s very simple.

A persuasive essay can be written following the five paragraph essay structure.

The main aim of such type of an essay is to analyse and give detailed arguments about the given topic, so through argumentation the students are given practice to explain their analysis in a proper format.

This helps in developing their analytical as well as critical thinking skills.

Persuasive Essay Structure

The structure of a Persuasive or an Argumentative Essay is is very simple as it falls within the five paragraph essay format.

Normally many students are given practice in writing persuasive essays in the five paragraph format.

But there are many topics which cannot be analyzed and explained in the five paragraph format.

Normally in most of the high schools students are tested on their ability to write in the five paragraph style as 30 minutes to 1 hour assignment.

But this standard style is not enough for students to write in depth analysis of the given topics in several college courses.

At college level students are required to analyse and write about longer topics and content and provide an in-depth analysis.

Therefore, the persuasive or argumentative essay has a flexible format in such a scenario and your essay mainly depends on the topic and the question you are going to analyse..

Examples of College Persuasive Essay Topics

Students are most of the times asked to pick a side in the argument and present their views on it or defend a stance against any criticism.

Some of the common question samples you might be given as assignments to write on are:

  • Should the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes be legalised?
  • Should abortions be legalised?
  • Should there be a law to punish people if they illegally download music and movies?
  • Should the violent criminals be given a death penalty as a law?
  • Should advertisement of tobacco on television be allowed?

Mostly students are trained to write about topics that are specific to their courses of study.

However students should be trained in writing effectively about topics that have some controversy as well in them like the few general knowledge examples given above.

Regardless of the type of the topics the format for all the persuasive essays stays the same.

Persuasive Essay Outline

The general outline of a persuasive essay is given below:

Structure of a Persuasive Essay


  1. The topic is introduced in the form of a thesis statement.
  2. Both sides of the controversy are presented with brief reason.
  • The stance you are going to take is stated clearly.
  1. Three supporting ideas to support your stance are introduced briefly.



  1. Topic sentence stating first idea in clear words
  2. Supporting information with relevant and specific examples as well as evidences from different sources
  • Concluding sentence relating the supporting information to the topic sentence.

Paragraph 2

  1. Topic sentence stating second idea in clear words
  2. Supporting information with relevant and specific examples as well as evidences from different sources
  3. Concluding sentence relating the supporting information to the thesis statement


  1. Three ideas discussed in three body paragraphs are summed up
  2. A solution is pointed out and you give your opinion or suggest something in order to satisfy the reader and give a sense of ending.


Hook Statement: A better way to start your argumentative essay is to build up a hook statement.

A sentence that makes your reader excited about your essay and hooks him ups to read your essay. The hook statement must in some way relate to the thesis statement.

Brief Background: you should provide a brief background of the topic.

Its length depends on the amount of content and the analysis that you will provide.

Thesis Statement: The sentence around which the entire essay is based is the thesis statement.

Your thesis statement should tell what the essay is about.

It is better to create your thesis statement after writing your body paragraphs.

It is easier as you can see what your content is truly about and then decide upon the thesis statement.

Why is it recommended to create your thesis after writing your body paragraphs?

This is because it is much easier than aligning your statements towards your thesis statement.

Trying to align your body paragraphs to your thesis harms the quality and strength of your analysis.

Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should follow this format.

Topic Sentence: It is a sentence with some strong words of emphasis used to introduce your topic. These words should be strong enough to defend and support your topic sentence.

Argument: after you create your thesis statement you will need to provide evidence for your stance. Your argument in this part of the essay serves the purpose of persuading the audience. These statements may be examples, facts or any data written with the purpose of defending your argument and thus proving it to be authentic.

 Evidence/ Explanation: You explain your point of view to support your argument using different examples and evidences from different sources, giving it even more credibility.

The readers may often find some evidences realistic and may relate them to their real lives which become rationalistic in this way.

Concluding Sentence: when you have fully explained your defending argument and satisfied the readers, it is time to conclude your essay. The most possibly effective words should be used to sum up your point. It is a kind of a summary of the whole argument presented in the paragraph in the best efficient way. One sentence should say it all.


Conclusion should conclude the whole discussion. A conclusion should follow the given format.

Restatement of Thesis: when you have proved your thesis through supporting details in the essay then it’s important to reword and thus establish it in your conclusion. The best way of doing so is to rephrase your thesis statement.

Summarize Key Points: Briefly tell in your own words that your supporting arguments have successfully proved the thesis sentence and also prove your explanations to be logically and reasonably apt.

 Concluding Statement: When you have made sure that your reader has understood the importance and value of your essay and that your argument you explained in your essay was effective, it means you have done your job. Now if you have successfully persuaded your reader and he has been brought to the point of your argument that means you have written a wonderful essay.

Some Tips

  • Chicago and MLA formats are used for argumentative or persuasive essays. They provide the titles, margins, physical alignments, and other formatting features of the essay.
  • Do not become verbose, try to use a variety of words but be simple. If you want to use high words use them cleverly, not to impress the reader but to add a spice to your writing.
  •  Double check and make sure your arguments prove your thesis statement. If the arguments do not fully support your thesis statement, then go back and edit the argument or the thesis statement but it is better and easier to edit the thesis.
  • In an argumentative essay you need to make the reader admit that your stance was more reliable than the one opposed to it. You need to prove your side by defending it first and then you can counterattack.
  • Peer help can help make your essay more impressive. Make a friends read your essay from a fresh perspective and tell you whether it makes any sense to them or not.

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The Chronicles of Writing an Essay Paper

The Chronicles of Writing an Essay Paper 2

The Pain of Writing an Essay Paper

When it comes to writing an essay paper, the silent “pain” writers undergo is unmeasurable. For an essay to be termed as of high quality or be awarded an A grade, there are some steps and processes that a writer have to take for an essay to be excellent. Writing an essay paper needs the writer to have a good strategy, creativity and extremely good research. With those in place, you’ll never have to turn to any alternative essay writing service for essay writing help.

A good strategy means the mechanism you have put in place to tackle your essay flawlessly and with ease. Creativity in writing an essay paper means that you need to be resourceful and write original content for your essay without copying other people’s essays. Similarly, an essay writer need to have adequate knowledge in doing research before writing an essay paper. The writer should be able to read, comprehend, analyze and synthesize information before penning down the main ideas in his or her essay.

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What You Must Know About Writing an Essay Paper Online

When you purchase essay online or order a custom written paper from any custom essay writing website, you don’t have the surety of getting a valid, correct or original paper. It’s the chief reason why essay writing service ought to be selected carefully so as to get a customized paper that is trust worthy. In our company, with our professional writers and supportive support team, you are going to surely receive the very best essay writing service. Writing an essay paper to us has never been difficult, all topics, all discipline, any deadline, how complex, don’t worry, we handle all papers to your satisfaction.

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Similarly, there are other websites online who offer tutoring services to students. Tutoring is offered to wide variety of subjects including coaching on writing an essay paper. Should you truly wish to be taught then you’ll need to understand the best way to express yourself on paper.  Despite the fact the lessons are offered online, it’s a tedious process and suitable for students who have a long term goal of understanding how to write an essay paper.

However, I believe you may not have time of watching the videos, spending most of your time on one thing, or even not understanding what the tutor is explaining. Don’t worry, we have you in mind and will help you whenever you need help in writing an essay paper. What is more, in the event the paper doesn’t fill your expectations, you’ve got an alternative of obtaining a whole refund. We have a comprehensive refund policy for our company and you don’t need to worry. Composing a case study paper may be a challenge for a lot of students, but to essay freelance writers, it’s a simple job.

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In some cases you might decide to purchase research papers on sale, because you do not need to wait. Sounds pretty cool and fast, right?? OK, buying an already written paper online is quite tricky. It’s not that they have the capability of writing an essay paper faster or that they have competent writers, but it is that they have a bank of already written papers. You are not sure whether you are the only person getting that document or the same document will be sold to many people. The probability of getting your paper highly plagiarized after purchasing “ready-made” papers is high.  My advice to you is to write your own essay from scratch. However, it is really recommendable to compose narrative papers from scratch so as to foster originality and imagination. Just take a couple of minutes and at least see whether you can understand what I’m telling you on how best to compose amazing school papers. However, if by any reason you feel you can’t handle the essay as needed or maybe you are busy and don’t have time to write your essay, then you can post your order with us.

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When you order an essay to be written by us, you have the freedom of constantly getting in touch anytime with you writer to give you drafts, or seek help from our support team. As the writer continue to work on your paper, you can make ask for amendments, offer more information, or request other parts be changed if it’s not pleasing to you. Moreover, our revision policy gives you the freedom of asking for revision on your completed paper for free anytime.  Writing of APA argumentative essay or any in any referencing styles demands the writer to get enough understanding of the style and also the subject of the essay.

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What Writing an Essay Paper Is – And What It Is Not

What is particularly important in writing an essay paper is that you’re capable of getting a very first person viewpoint on a topic, whether this is about somebody’s life or something they are a specialized. Writing an essay paper isn’t just bringing together various information together and compiling an essay paper. Instead, it is gathering the valuable information from different assorted sources to use in your work.

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The authenticity of our freelance essay writing and the confidentiality of all the information are guaranteed. We do not disclose private information of our customers and we do not reuse ANY custom papers.

Order custom written term papers, sample essays, thesis papers, research papers, book reviews, dissertations, speeches, book reports and other assignments. Exclusive writing in approximately 70 subjects. NO PLAGIARISM

Order a custom paper written from scratch
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The Chronicles of Writing an Essay PaperQualified writers only

 The Chronicles of Writing an Essay PaperPlagiarism free guarantee

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What you didn’t know about Freelance Essay Writing

What you didn't know about Freelance Essay Writing 4

Freelance essay writing is usually done on many different forms and occasions. It has become the best way of liquidating free time into dollars for many freelance essay writers who are unable to get formal employment or are unable to up a regular occupation. It is a growing business, and as the web expands, demand is likely to rise.

Of all the current online jobs, individuals appear to really go toward freelance essay writing because it is the work that reward your hard work. Essay writing has become one of the rapidly growing jobs online. It is here to stay because it offers the opportunity for those who couldn’t leave their homes due to medical reasons or a person who would merely like to earn more at home. Finally, it’s one internet job that isn’t an internet job.

In freelance essay writing, you simply focus on your own writing. Creative writing is frequently known as the inspired and distinctive sort of writing. Writing in a straightforward way is not like sitting on a sofa set..Order Now at Essay Freelance Writers“Number two, freelance essay writers think equally. All things well-thought-out, every freelance essay writer, at least one time in his or her everyday life, encounters seconds, which create stress. In case you are not an excellent writer, however, you need to take up blogging while at the same time analyzing internet advertising.

The Downside and Risks of Freelance Essay Writing

Nowadays it is so simple to be a writer and that’s why there are millions of folks doing it. Armed with their skills, a good freelance essay writer should have a good grasp on the area that need to be written. Being a real writer means completing jobs before the deadline and this also means writing under pressure. It’s something freelance essay writers do often and it is not a big deal to them.

Freelance essay writing also has several advantages despite having their downsides. The flexibility of choices available and which are applied as a self-employed writer is wonderful. Freelance essay writers working at home are often called upon to write on a wide range of areas from technology to gourmet cuisines, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, arts, literature, book reviews, and research papers among others.
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The Tried and True Method for Freelance Essay Writing in Step by Step Detail

As you read each report, underline components that offer ideas you may utilize to support unique parts of your paper.

The ideal advice on the very best way to compose a short article is really to understand your path before beginning. Certainly, a poorly written article reflects the sort of service which you offer.

You can perhaps be requested to compose several essays for academic purposes. Therefore, you need to write good essays that can earn high grades

The reason you need to select what type of essay you want to write is because you’re capable of discovering your primary target, as well as the finest method to receive there.

Freelance Essay writing plays an important part to many students and academicians. Every essay, or term paper ought to be summarized within a point, relevant, and addresses all aspects of the instructions given.


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